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Accountability at the workplace – Ask someone to monitor work

by Aripriya Basu September 23, 2020
Accountability at the workplace

Le Tom is responsible for the Facebook ad campaign. Le Tom is accountable for the Facebook ad campaign. What is the difference? Or, is there any difference at all? In everyday life, not so much maybe, but when it comes to business, there is a huge difference. The difference is simple but profound. Responsibility: Tom’s […]

Three steps to take after losing your job due to COVID-19

by Artur Meyster September 14, 2020
steps to take after losing your job

As COVID-19 rages across the world, millions everywhere have suddenly found themselves either out of work or furloughed. If you find yourself a part of this group, an important thing to remember in all of this is that you are not alone. In time, you will recover and your career will soar. In the meantime, […]

Programmer to manager – 10 essential skills you need for the transition

by Aripriya Basu September 8, 2020
programmer to manager

Sitting in front of the system. Coding your way all day long, is that what you want to keep doing as a software engineer? Don’t you want to rise up and take a peek at the other side of the wall? What might be there, you say? There lies your programmer to manager roadway. Would […]

Seven resume building tips to beat applicant tracking system

by Aripriya Basu September 1, 2020
applicant tracking system

How to get that dream job? Search for the job on various job portals and networking sites Curate the perfect resume Write a convincing cover letter to back your resume Send resume Wait Wait Wait …… Still waiting Give up! Conclusion: You still don’t have your dream job. Sounds awful, right? But it’s real, and […]

How to manage career growth during an economic downturn?

by Aripriya Basu August 25, 2020
career growth

Economic downsizing can happen anytime. It is perhaps going to be one of the biggest economic consequences owing to this pandemic. But, of course, this will not be the first time. Many of us remember the recession of 2008. Many people lost their jobs and the available job posts were not enough to fill in […]