Looking for a new job opportunity? Keep these points in mind

by Aripriya Basu January 5, 2021
Looking for a new job opportunity

Le Tom appeared for a job interview.  Le Tom got the job. Le Tom is now sad. Le Tom was stupid. Don’t be like him.  Tom is sad because he did not look into a few important things before accepting the job offer.  He just noted the salary and thought that it’s enough.  So learn […]

Beneficial or harmful – Multitasking for software developers

by Aripriya Basu December 31, 2020
Multitasking for software developers

As a teenager or as a new recruit you must have heard about multitasking.  Back in school days, you were perhaps given regular lessons about it and now, when you have piles of work on your table, you have resorted to it.  We all have.  All of us are multitaskers to some extent.  While this […]

Overcoming mental fatigue while working from home in the current times

by Aripriya Basu December 24, 2020
mental fatigue

“It is just for a few days. It will get over soon”, thought Amanda as she logged onto her system while working from home.  Little did she know that it is going to last for the next seven months and more.  Now she is suffering from mental fatigue. If you can relate to Amanda that’s […]

Navigating office politics in a remote work setup

by Aripriya Basu December 15, 2020
office politics

If you think state politics are bad, try having a whiff of office politics.  It’s the worse kind of politics you can be a part of… …and if you want to wiggle your way out of it, you should get a hang of playing chess, or working from home.  Thankfully, the latter has been granted […]

Everything you need to know about coding bootcamps

by Aripriya Basu December 7, 2020
coding bootcamps

Becoming a developer is a dream job in times like this when software products are soaring so high.  Everywhere you go, there are apps and websites dotting the way. In fact, even to visit somewhere or for the daily commute, you need to use one of the many available apps. Unless you rather be interested […]