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Know These Before Outsourcing To An Android Development Company

By designs.codes December 24, 2018
Android Development Company

Outsourcing the development of your app to an Android development company has earned quite a lot of popularity in the world of information technology, thanks to its convenience, various benefits, and cost-effective solutions. The in-house development of an app can be quite expensive and time-consuming for your organization since your business curriculum comprises a variety […]

12 Tips For You – How To Increase Your WordPress Website Security

By designs.codes December 22, 2018

You would not like it if all your hard work got replicated – or even worse – stolen away from right under your nose, would you? Of course not. Believe us, to increase your WordPress website security is not an ancillary measure anymore. Right from your chosen themes and plugins to the uncommon features that you […]

10 Most Effective Ways To Generate Quality Web Development Leads

By designs.codes December 20, 2018
Web Development Leads

Although generating some quality web development leads is not a cakewalk, it is not a grueling sword fight either if you approach it the right way. Always try to treat your web development leads as the fuel to your fire because they are what keeps your business up and running. But it’s high time you […]

11 Reasons Why You Should Migrate To Cloud Hosting Services

By designs.codes November 17, 2018
Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud technology including cloud hosting services is fast becoming a default at companies across all industry verticals and of all sizes. While adoption rate varies from industry to industry, broadly almost nine out of 10 companies did move parts of their internal infrastructure to the cloud if not fully. Spending on cloud infrastructure has gone […]

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing and Sales Effectively: Part 1

By designs.codes November 8, 2018
How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

LinkedIn is one of those platforms which often gets sidelined despite the depth of its reach, quality of available information and robust analytics. Professionals can often get overwhelmed by the huge differences in the use cases of various social media channels which is why they need to know how to use LinkedIn for marketing effectively. […]