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Small business automation – your priorities for the year ahead

by Avik Mitra January 31, 2019
Small Business Automation

In recent times, ‘automation’ has become a term of consequence when it comes to the IT industry. For beginners, automation involves the use of technology and artificial intelligence to reduce both manpower and error as far as practicable. Small business automation has therefore acquired quite a big craze in the industry, of late. To put […]

2018 In retrospect – what we achieved here at

by Nilanjana January 24, 2019 Team

The end of 2018 marked the beginning of yet another year full of creativity and innovation for us here at We are looking ahead to the next 365 days with unabated excitement that is sure to come with its own share of challenges and achievements. While we are at it, a quick glance at […]

How to outsource web development – everything you need to know 

by Avik Mitra January 3, 2019
outsource web development

Web development has become one of the predominant aspects of a successful organization, no matter what industry they deal in. In this dynamic era, where technology shifts with every little change in our tastes and preferences, the website that you create must be flexible and responsive enough to assimilate with the market demand. If your […]

Cloud computing software development: 21 cloud based web development tools

by Nilanjana January 1, 2019
cloud computing software development

Cloud computing software development was initiated keeping in mind the utilization of the internet to accomplish your tasks instead of running programs or applications through downloaded software on a server. The best thing about cloud computing software development is, it enables people to work without worrying about the place they are in. All you need […]

E-commerce conversion rate optimization for 10x sales   

by Nilanjana December 30, 2018
E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization For 10X Sales   

Is your website an alluring and responsive interface customized to suit all the objectives of your organization? If yes, felicitate yourself and answer the next question. Does your website get a good deal of traffic – perhaps more than what you had anticipated? If yes, great! It only means that you are well into the […]