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X receives rave reviews on Clutch

by Aripriya Basu April 23, 2019 Reviews on Clutch

In a dominantly digital marketplace, a business is only good as the technology and digital solutions they use, but many firms lack the ability to develop them on their own. In the burgeoning market for custom software, we strive to deliver unique and impressive software solutions to every challenge and problem that our clients present […]

Critical B2B website design elements to boost profitability

by Nilanjana February 12, 2019
B2B website design

The design of a website plays a significant role in making or breaking the reputation of a business. It is important to understand the role of a ready-for-sales website in the engagement of consumers and buyers. Proper B2B website design is crucial for business requirements. While the B2C leads can engage in impulsive buying, the […]

What is Laravel for enterprise? Myths & facts you should know

by Aripriya Basu February 11, 2019
What is Laravel

If you are an enterprise and you have clients globally, and you want them happy, this blog is for you! You would surely want to create a business application for the enterprise. And for building the app you would need a fitting framework that should address all your pain points. Let us first list down […]

Why top startups use Node.js for web application development?

by Aripriya Basu February 7, 2019
Node.js for web application development

The emerging startups, in most cases, are faced with a lot of obstacles – the primary one being scaling up, which again is consequent upon a number of other problems that are left unaddressed. The most common problems of all include synchronization, communication, and a fitting platform that should support and address all the needs. […]

How can agile software development model help enterprises to achieve business goals faster?

by Avik Mitra February 6, 2019
Agile software development model

At a time when agility and quality are the crucial differentiators in the market, an increasing number of companies are considering using the Agile software development model. The framework holds good for enterprises nowadays who are faced with a lot of uncertainties and mobile targets in the process of web development. Agile works by making […]