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Why top startups use Node.js for web application development?

by Aripriya Basu February 7, 2019
Node.js for web application development

The emerging startups, in most cases, are faced with a lot of obstacles – the primary one being scaling up, which again is consequent upon a number of other problems that are left unaddressed. The most common problems of all include synchronization, communication, and a fitting platform that should support and address all the needs. […]

How can agile software development model help enterprises to achieve business goals faster?

by Avik Mitra February 6, 2019
Agile software development model

At a time when agility and quality are the crucial differentiators in the market, an increasing number of companies are considering using the Agile software development model. The framework holds good for enterprises nowadays who are faced with a lot of uncertainties and mobile targets in the process of web development. Agile works by making […]

WordPress vs Drupal – what’s best for medium size businesses?

by Arka Sen February 5, 2019

The topic should hold good for all those looking forward to an answer to the much popular question – “Which is a better CMS – WordPress or Drupal?” We can only find the right answer to the question once we have a clear idea about the pros and cons of both. Another point that is […]

The top four PHP frameworks to build your web applications

by Aripriya Basu February 4, 2019
PHP frameworks

PHP counts among the top scripting languages all over the world, the reason being the flexibility it offers. A PHP framework comes to the fore as working with PHP gets rather repetitive and boring. So, what does a PHP framework primarily do? It offers the basic structure for the building of web applications. It enables the […] named startup of the year by Silicon India Magazine

by Aripriya Basu February 1, 2019
silicon india certificate

We at have sustained expertise in providing quality solutions to its global clientele in custom web and mobile development, in recognition of which Silicon India Magazine has recognized us as the Indian Startup of the Year in Outsourcing Solutions category. This was published in the December edition of Silicon India Magazine., founded in […]