Three effective ways to source tech talent for your next project

by Artur Meyster April 14, 2021
source tech talent for your next project

As we continue down the 21st century, we are bound to see new technological marvels that will change everything about how work is performed. With that in mind, succeeding as a company and employer in those times will require a dynamic and powerful workforce that consists of talented tech employees. No matter how you look […]

Clutch hailed among India’s top 20 software development company

by Aripriya Basu March 24, 2021
Clutch Award 2021 -

Software development as a service has plenty of advantages, and that’s what we offer here at By hiring us, you can get a dedicated team with resources and expertise that carries the job to perfection while staying within the budget. You can leave all your development needs to us and focus more on growing […]

React.js vs Angular comparison – Which one should you choose?

by Aripriya Basu February 16, 2021
React.js vs Angular Comparison -

Stuck in the React.js vs Angular paradigm? We have unknotted all the aspects of the React.js vs Angular debate right here!  React.js vs Angular- which one should you use for web development? This question often leaves developers startled. Talking strictly from the business perspective, even project managers find it hard to come up with a […]

Year in review: 2020 – How we survived and thrived in a raging pandemic

by Eman Shome January 5, 2021
Year in Review - 2020 -

While Covid 19 raged on for most of 2020, we at did not come to a halt. Amidst small businesses and even funded startups folding up more often than ever before and among the daily news of job losses and pay cuts we kept moving forward – agile, nimble, and faster than before.  It […]

Four aspects to consider for your small business

by Eman Shome December 7, 2020
small business

The idea of automating various practices has been popular for quite a while now with larger businesses. But as automation becomes more accessible, and it becomes clearer how it can help a business grow, small businesses are getting on board as well. Small business automation can help streamline customer support, process orders and payments, gather and […]