Year in review: 2020 – How we survived and thrived in a raging pandemic

by Eman Shome January 5, 2021
Year in Review - 2020 -

While Covid 19 raged on for most of 2020, we at did not come to a halt. Amidst small businesses and even funded startups folding up more often than ever before and among the daily news of job losses and pay cuts we kept moving forward – agile, nimble, and faster than before.  It […]

Four aspects to consider for your small business

by Eman Shome December 7, 2020
small business

The idea of automating various practices has been popular for quite a while now with larger businesses. But as automation becomes more accessible, and it becomes clearer how it can help a business grow, small businesses are getting on board as well. Small business automation can help streamline customer support, process orders and payments, gather and […]

The five most common WordPress issues and how to resolve them

by Eman Shome October 15, 2020
Five most common WordPress issues

Did you just run into yet another WordPress error? We are here to the rescue. Do not let yet another error create a hindrance in your website’s performance and cost you conversions. In this post, we have included the most common WordPress errors with their viable solutions. Every WordPress website owner must have faced one […]

Get three months of free cloud hosting to combat COVID-19

by Eman Shome July 24, 2020
Free Cloud Hosting for Three Months -

These are hard times. Since COVID-19 brought the world to a halt since late February, business everywhere has been facing many hardships. New business opportunities are hard to come by in these uncertain times.  In the worst-case scenario, the COVID-19 is expected to cost the world economy a whopping $2 trillion. The possibility of businesses […]

It’s business as usual for us during COVID-19

by Prasit Bhattacharya May 21, 2020
Free Cloud Hosting for 3 Months

Despite COVID-19 halting the entire world along with India and disrupting numerous businesses, we at have been committed to continuing business as usual.  We had to change our outlook and processes almost overnight. That by itself was a herculean task. However, in the last three and a half months, we overcame all the challenges […]