Critical B2B website design elements to boost profitability

by Nilanjana February 12, 2019
B2B website design

The design of a website plays a significant role in making or breaking the reputation of a business. It is important to understand the role of a ready-for-sales website in the engagement of consumers and buyers. Proper B2B website design is crucial for business requirements.

While the B2C leads can engage in impulsive buying, the B2B leads cannot act in a similar manner. The B2B customers would make bigger investments and take bigger risks too. If a B2B website design lacks purpose, it would only result in visitors leaving the website instead of getting an increased number of leads.

Although the requirement for each business is unique, all of them are similar in asking for more number of leads, greater sales, and higher conversion rates.

Let us take a look at the B2B website design elements that should help boost the profitability of a business website.

  • Noticeable CTA elements

The visibility of call-to-actions is one of the important B2B website design elements. While it is important for any random website, but for a B2B website, it is crucial in that the click here is much higher priced. A suitably designed call-to-action button would increase the conversion rate manifolds.

website design elements

Image Source: HubSpot

  • Visual hierarchy

The visual hierarchy of a website is one of the most crucial design elements. Typographic hierarchy is of significant importance here. Typographic hierarchy primarily involves organizing type which again determines an order within a content. This hierarchy guides the reader helping the latter to navigate through the website properly. Typographic hierarchy helps the reader find out and navigate to the relevant page.

  • Clear navigation

Nothing is more frustrating for a user in than a complex navigation system in B2B website design. What affects the conversion rates negatively include an overwhelming number of products or services, categories without consistency, and poor layouts. The categories should be clear and distinguishable helping the visitors navigate properly. Ease in navigation would increase the leads to a great extent.

  • Color scheme and imagery

The color scheme and imagery should reflect professionalism. The human brain can process visuals faster than texts, which makes it important for B2B website design to make the right use of color and imagery. The visuals should have the power to engage the visitors to the website. In fact, the choice of color or the color scheme in your B2B website design is important to assert the brand story.

The design of a website is an important determiner of the fate of a business. The B2B website design should be such that it brings in leads. Implementing the important design elements would only result in boosting the profitability of your B2B website.