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We want to make web technologies more relevant to you.

We Are Different

  • Following Passion

    We are not only a design agency. We are not another software business. We combine our knowledge and passion for web technologies to help you in every possible way. Right from building web applications and software to providing custom solution. We have integrated the best of both worlds: products & services; designs & codes.

  • Affordable Pricing

    We believe for a business to be profitable, its not necessary to charge customers a premium. We cut operational costs and increase productivity relentlessly. We try to be frugal. This helps us to keep pricing low. You get to save more every time you deal with us.

  • 360° Support

    Everyone use the internet for an unique purpose and support needs for everyone has to be different. We respect that. That is why from DIY articles to software we give you freedom of choice and flexibility. And we provide support on Sunday evening & Christmas eve!

In Our Own Words

We believe the web can be more beautiful and technology is means to the end, not the end by itself. Too many options and features can leave you bewildered. It is easy to get confused and lose focus. One ends up paying for features that’s not needed, spending time on what’s not required.

We like to keep things simple. We listen and understand your business goals first, to come with the best customized solution. We don’t suggest stuff that you will not need, yet keep options open to scale up in future. While our automated project management system helps to develop and deliver projects faster, we brain storm and come up with perfect and unique visuals and UI/UX for every single website.

We let you focus on what’s important. Scale up your product, acquire more customers and sleep well in the night while we ensure your business looks great online. Our product CheckMySite helps you to get in-depth analysis of your website all by yourself, thus giving you more control over website development and marketing process.

Colleagues In Collage

Varsha Chakraborty

Varsha Chakraborty - Guiding Star

Subhomay Banerjee

Subhomay Banerjee - Managing Director

Eman Shome

Eman Shome - Service Delivery Head, Digital Marketing

Swatilekha Saha

Swatilekha Saha - UI/UX Team Lead

Suman Dutta

Suman Dutta - Office Admin

Saroj Kumar

Saroj Kumar - Finance Manager

Debobrota Sen

Debobrota Sen - Tech Head

Devender Sekhon

Devender Sekhon - HR Manager

Farzina Sahin

Farzina Sahin - Backend Team Lead

Devangan Ganguly

Devangan Ganguly - Web Consultant

Pritam Das

Pritam Das -Backend Developer

Kushal Sinha

Kushal Sinha -Frontend Developer

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The Next Big Thing


Complex bespoke solutions take time to develop but not everyone would need that. If you are planning to start a professional blog or sell a single product online we will get you online immediately.


Having the perfect website for your business isn't enough. We want to empower you to monitor and analyze data / key metrics all by yourself, so that you know what's working and what's not.

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