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Solution for all your digital requirements from Web Design and Development to Digital Marketing.

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We are a professional web design company. And professional doesn't mean boring.

Design is what makes the world go round. If the iPhone wasn’t designed so exceptionally well, few would have been so keen to buy it. We take utmost care to bring your ideas to life with pixel perfect designs, be it custom graphic, logo or the new website, you are eagerly looking forward to.

As a professional web design company, all our designers have minimum 2 years of prior work experience. The team has in-depth knowledge of branding and UI/UX apart from technical know-how.

Logo Design UI/UX Design

At designs codes, you will come across a web design and development company with a difference.

We live by the mantra ‘first solve the problem, then write the code’. With us, you get the best-in-class programmers and developers working on popular PHP based CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Laravel etc. We also work on higher programming languages, such as Python and Ruby on Rails.

No development company is complete in today’s world if it does not work on mobile apps. As a mobile application development company our work capabilities include native iOS, Android and Hybrid apps.

WordPress Development Magento Development

Everyone says SEO is dead. We say it’s more relevant today than ever before.

SEO has come a long way from random link buying tactics in early 2000 to focus on user experience and following industry best practices to design and develop websites. Our professional SEO services include a holistic approach that starts with content creation, covers all aspects of on-page optimization and tackles into online authority building.

Search Engine Optimization is the most budget friendly and easy way to create long term online marketing and brand building, without having to buy costly PPC advertisements.


Social Media is the next big thing. NO! It is the big thing NOW.

Your customers are using social networks daily to find best deals, recommendations and your reputation. No longer can you refuse to join in. Social media and marketing, if done correctly will ensure a loyal band of followers, no matter if you are selling products or services. No two social networks are same and we always take a custom approach based on your requirement.

Also, today social media marketing includes customer support, social sales and engagement. While it’s easy to go with the flow, our social media experts know how to keep razor sharp focus on ROI.


Check My Site

More power to you to make informed decisions and get better ROI out of your online presence. Checkmysite is the most feature packed web analysis tool with insights into most comprehensive set of metrics to check your website performance, social activity and branding. And it’s FREE!

We’re Going Places

We take initiative to actively engage with the community and validate our ideas by industry thought leaders.


How to videos and articles, infographics - Stay updated on social media marketing, SEO and web technology best practices.


Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. It cripples our decision making ability. It stops us from thinking out of the box. Let’s kill the ‘little knowledge syndrome’. We are out to build a platform that helps everyone to learn something new.

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Showcase your expertise by writing helpful blog posts on topics you love. We intend to keep it an open platform and anyone could write on what they know best by simple social sign in and posting their articles. Build online authority by adding your websites and social links to profile, write your own bio.

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There is a reason why people say sharing is caring. Share anything you find useful with others, encourage learning.

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Good Vibes

People say we are pretty good at what we do and we don’t argue. We don’t just provide awesome services and build great products. We make our clients smile.